10 Most Beautiful Places in California

The best for tourists, California offers a wide variety of cultural and geographic experiences, bustling cities, and a highly regarded culinary scene. California is certainly a sight to behold, whether you’re exploring the trails of one of the state’s many beautiful parks, sipping some bubbly in the northern valleys, relaxing on warm southern beaches, or strolling where the stars once shone. The top destinations in California were chosen by US News after considering both professional advice and visitor feedback.

Let’s look what are the 10 most beautiful places in California.

1- Chaman beach

Within the Marino Ballena National Park is Colonia Beach, commonly known as Chaman Beach. The sandy bottom and gentle breaking waves will thrill new surfers. Advanced surfers need not worry about beginners because it is seldom too busy.

Fort Bragg’s glass beach is probably one of the most beautiful things ever made from trash. The beach used to be a garbage dump. The colorful glass pebbles left behind are water-smoothed bottle shards and car taillights. Guests can take pictures of the beach, but forget the glass.

Inyo County’s ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is home to some of the world’s oldest trees, some of which are quietly celebrating their birthdays in the 4,000-and-change range. These enchanting trees twist towards the sky with an eerie beauty. Considering these reasons, Chaman beach is one of our 10 Most Beautiful Places in California.

2- Bowling ball beach

Bowling Ball Beach is one of the our list of most beautiful places in California. Bowling Ball Beach is part of Schooner Gulch State Beach in Mendocino County. It got its name from the large circular stones that were piled there in the name of concreting. At Schooner Gulch State Beach’s northernmost point is Bowling Ball Beach. While strolling down the beach when the tide is out, it’s difficult to miss the enormous rounded boulders that resemble bowling balls.

Bowling ball beach

Check the tide before you leaves since only then will you be able to see the so-called bowling balls arranged in rows like terracotta warriors. This has eroded over millions of years as a result of the Pacific Ocean’s persistent intrusion, leaving behind hard “balls” and creating reefs that line the coastline. On the west side of the road, there is a small parking lot with two intersections.

3- Bumpy hell

Lassen Volcanic National Park has several hot springs, one of which is Bumpass Hell. It is named after Kendall Bumpass, who discovered the site in the 1860s when he slipped on a burn pool and burned his leg. Today, visitors can safely explore the area using the walking trails. It’s visually pleasing, but not the same when it comes to smell. The level of sulfur in the pool makes the area smell like rotten eggs.

4- Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is one of the fall our list of most beautiful places in California. East of Troutdale between Corbett and Dodson in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, in the United States, is a waterfall known as Multnomah Falls. The old Columbia River Highway and Interstate 84 both lead to the falls. At 620 feet, it is the tallest waterfall in Oregon, spanning two levels over basalt cliffs. The National Register of Historic Places lists the 1914 Multnomah Creek Bridge, which spans the creek below the falls.

Multnomah Falls

Additionally, Oregon State keeps up a switchback route that climbs a talus hill 100 feet above the falls before descending to a viewing platform with a view of the falls’ rim. Every year, more than two million people come to see this waterfall. Due to this, it is the most popular outdoor recreation area in the US Pacific Northwest.

5- Sao Miguel Island

São Miguel was closed to the public in 2014, but reopened in May 2016. It is the westernmost of the eight Channel Islands and is owned by the US Navy but managed by the National Park Service. An active bombing range during World War II and in the 1970s, the Navy became concerned about the possible presence of unexploded ordnance on the island and announced its closure to ensure the island’s safety. A remote and beautiful island, but not as popular as its sibling, Catalina. There are giant sea lions and novice seals and a small camp for only 30 people at a time.

6- Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument is situated in San Diego, California, USA, at the southernmost point of the Point Loma Peninsula. It honors Juan Rodrguez Cabrillo’s arrival in San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spanish adventurer, is honored with the name Cabrillo National Monument near San Diego. A hidden sea cave has been blocked to the public due to “very unsafe conditions” and a necessity to comply with the Marine Mammal Protection Act, but lovely tide pools can be observed at low tide.

Cabrillo National Monument

The park provides views of Coronado and the Naval Air Station North Island in addition to San Diego’s port and skyline. Tijuana, the Coronado Islands in Mexico, and a sizable portion of the Pacific Ocean are also visible on clear days. A visitor center features displays on the voyage and a movie about Cabrillo’s journey.

7- Burney Falls

In California’s Shasta County, the MacArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park is home to Burney Falls, a waterfall on Burney Creek. Even during the dry summer months, a steady flow of 379 million liters per day of water is provided by underground springs that are located 129 feet above and below the falls. A tributary of the Pitt River, Burney Creek empties into Britton Reservoir in the north.

Burney Falls

These stunning waterfalls may be seen in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, which is close to Bumpass Hell. This spectacular display was dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world” by Theodore Roosevelt.

8- Cypress Tree Tunnel

In Inverness, several Cypress trees were planted in the 1930s. They now form a tunnel that can make anyone feel as though they’ve entered a fairytale.

The “Tree Tunnels” are situated at the North District Operations Center at Point Reyes National Seashore. On your way to the lighthouse, keep an eye out for signs that read “Northern District Operations Center.” Parking is available on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard’s shoulder. To avoid obstructing traffic, move completely to the side.

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9- Yosemite National Park

Kicking off our list is the spot in California where you head to unplug—which we could all use a little dose of these days. Yosemite National Park is where you can get lost in the ancient sequoias in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and chase majestic waterfalls on The Mist Trails.

The hiking trails offer a range of difficulty levels from beginner to expert, but brave climbers can take on El Capitan or Half Dome. To connect with fellow hikers or get a dose of civilization, you can head to Yosemite Village and check out the Yosemite Museum and Ansel Adams Gallery.

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10- Palm Springs

A 2020 American science fiction romance comedy film titled Palm Springs is directed by Max Barbakov and written by Andy Ciara.

While we’re talking deserts, we couldn’t help but highlight the home of Coachella: Palm Springs. Nestled in the Sonoran Desert, the steamy city is where visitors can take a break from urban life and soak in the hot springs, golf courses, and renowned spas.

While you can explore the former playground of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Lucille Ball by touring mid-century modern homes, there’s a more laid-back option to hike the Hollywood mountains. Both way, you’ll work up an appetite, and we suggest chowing down on Vietnamese-American fare at the Rooster and the Pig while you wonder: which came first?

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