18 Essential Travel Safety Tips

Traveling can be exciting, but it can also be scary. As you head into the unknown, follow these 18 travel safety tips to protect yourself and ensure a happy and safe trip.

Choose ground transportation wisely

Choosing ground transportation wisely is one of the most important travel safety tips when you are travelling. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), motor vehicle accidents are the first cause of death for US citizens living abroad. Travel in a vehicle that is in good condition and has appropriately functioning seat belts. Research the bus company’s safety record and avoid using unsafe vehicles such as rickshaws and motorbikes.

Check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Did you know that the State Department provides up-to-date safety information for countries worldwide? You can search the website for reliable details about the places you visit. Find everything from required vaccinations to local laws to travel alerts (including crime and safety alerts). When visiting the website, please visit the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) page to register your travel plans. They can contact you in case of an emergency (natural disaster, return emergency, social unrest, etc.). So, now you can understand; first you choose your location, check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a more essential travel safety tip.

Check the escape route in the hotel room

When I walk into a hotel room, I focus more on checking the amenities than the map behind the door. But before we get used to it, we need to review the emergency escape route briefly. I’m glad you did it if it was a midnight emergency.

18 Essential Travel Safety Tips

Leave your travel and emergency call schedule

Unplugging is great on vacation, but try to keep it very subtle, especially if you’re traveling alone. They can contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

Scan a copy of your passport

Before you leave:

  • Scan a copy of your passport.
  • Please email it to yourself.
  • Take a photo.
  • Please save it to your phone.

That way, if you need your passport while you’re away (but it’s in your hotel safe), you’ll have access to all your details. Plus, it will be much easier to find a replacement if it gets stolen.

Checking visitors at the hotel desk

You’re in a hotel room, and someone claiming to be maintenance or housekeeping knocks on your door. Before you let this person in, call the front desk to confirm that someone on the property needs access to your room. Criminals can impersonate hotel employees and break into your room.

Do not flash cash or valuables

Keep your cash separate and keep your pocket money and balance for easy access so you only show a little cash with each payment. Pulling out your phone to get directions or take a photo is always tempting, but be aware of your surroundings. Thieves love to steal cell phones from people who use them on trains and escape at the next station.

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Avoid animals

Cute stray dogs and cats roaming the streets can be great photo opportunities, but don’t get too close. Wild animals can carry all sorts of not-so-fun diseases (including rabies) that can ruin your trip.

Always have an emergency car kit

Keep a stocked emergency kit if you’re driving your own car on a road trip or renting a car abroad. Includes batteries, first aid kit, reflective warning signs, blankets, non-perishable food items, tire gauge, flashlight, water bottles, and snow shovels.

Save emergency numbers

Remember, you can’t call 911 everywhere. Please search for your local emergency number and save it on your phone (preferably speed dial). Also, please search for the nearest US embassy or consulate and keep their address and phone number.

Make copies of all essential documents

Several documents provide a unique identifier for each traveler, such as social security numbers, passports, immigration details, and driver’s licenses. This is important because foreign travelers often have to go through multiple checks for security reasons. Having identity-based documents is undeniably one of the most essential travel safety tips, as it is very convenient and ultimately saves you from confusion.

18 Essential Travel Safety Tips

Update your friends and family regularly

Your location keeps changing by visiting multiple points in a foreign destination which can actually compromise security.

Have extra local currency in cash

Travelers often carry international debit or credit cards to pay and transfer money at local merchants and retailers, but cards and other electronic payments are usually not accepted. It turns out that only local currency is used in the form of cash. So convenient, all travelers are advised to carry extra money to avoid any untoward situation.

Eat only at approved restaurants

For safety reasons, passengers should only eat at designated or approved restaurants. This may also include in-house restaurants located exclusively in hotels. Doing so will help ensure the safety of travelers and prevent short-term food-related illnesses while visiting foreign destinations.

Be aware of using public Wi-Fi

Travelers often use public Wi-Fi to make online payments, potentially exposing sensitive personal information. As such, we encourage you to use a virtual private network as part of your essential travel safety tips to ensure successful and safe forex trading.

Protect your hotel room as much as possible

The hotel room is the accommodation for travelers. Therefore, hotel room safety is very important. As a result, travelers are forced to use multiple locks installed in the hotel room doors. This includes electronic locks, screw locks, etc. Passengers are also required to close the windows for safety and theft considerations. Passengers should also always give the impression that the room is occupied, especially when traveling. For example, you can suspend your card at the door with a Do Not Disturb sign. This is one of the best travel safety tips for people traveling abroad.

18 Essential Travel Safety Tips

Be careful around you

Travelers should be aware of people visiting their rooms regularly because strangers who are not hotel staff may break into their rooms and steal or harm travelers. For this reason, travelers may call their hotel’s front desk to see if hotel staff has sent them to their room or proceed as one of several important travel safety tips.

Book only famous hotels and inns

Travelers should only book hotel rooms where the safety of the visitor or traveler is never compromised. To learn more about this, travelers can check out the amenities a hotel offers or search reviews to find the best hotels within their budget. Therefore, hotel booking, after careful consideration of several aspects, can serve as an essential travel safety tip for the entire traveling fraternity.

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