6 Facts About the Most Famous Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park, famous for its spectacular mountain scenery and sparkling alpine lakes, is located in northwestern Wyoming just outside of Jackson. It is sure to please both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Impressive scenery and vast areas of unspoiled wilderness inspire you to discover stunning scenery and vistas wherever you go.

Established in 1929, the peak is named after the highest peak in the range, Grand Teton, which rises to a staggering 13,775 feet. Far below, there are lush forests and sparkling lakes, full of rushing rivers and impressive cliffs. Grand Teton National Park offers a wide variety of scenery, from hiking, biking, and camping to fishing, swimming, kayaking, and even rock climbing and skiing.

Grand Teton National Park is a place worth visiting and is home to amazing wildlife such as elk, moose, bison and bears.

Paint Brush Canyon Trail

One of the most enjoyable hikes in all of the Grand Tetons, the stunning Paintbrush Canyon Trail takes you through breathtaking views and natural wonders everywhere you look. It is a very long and difficult trail, but this amazing trail is worth the hike with all the amazing views you can expect.

It is more than nine miles long and winds along the shores of a secluded lake, over steep ridges and under massive peaks. Popular with nature and outdoor enthusiasts, this lake starts at String Lake and climbs steeply through the Brush Canyon to reach Holly Lake, surrounded by stunning mountains.

Halfway through the hike, the trail climbs to an elevation of about 4,000 feet, with the highest point being Paint Brush Divide at 10,700 feet. Hardy hikers can also follow the Cascade Canyon Trail, which features large trails and loops.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

On the south shore of Lake Jackson you will find the beautiful little Chapel of the Sacred Heart, which is a very popular photo location and wedding venue. In addition to the picturesque setting, it has a wonderful rustic look and feel and offers stunning views of the lake’s reflective waters.

Located not far from Jackson Lake Dam, the charming chapel was built in the 1930s and looks very much like a cozy log cabin as it is almost entirely made of wood. Inside, it’s just as attractive, with hand-carved benches, statues and crosses alongside two absolutely gorgeous stained glass windows.

 Grand Teton National Park

In addition to enjoying its peaceful surroundings and beautiful architecture, guests can also take photos of the chapel or enjoy a picnic by the lake while basking in its beautiful views.

Moose Wilson Road

Meandering through vast forests and valleys with massive mountains rising dramatically in the distance, Moose Wilson Road is truly a joy to drive. Connecting the two towns, it’s one of the most popular scenic drives in the Tetons, and it’s easy to see why.

Mostly paved, with some sections just gravel and dirt, the road is 25 miles long and takes you through the vast Jackson Hole Valley. In particularly wild sections, you can occasionally spot moose, beavers, and even black bears in the pristine wilderness on either side of the road.

Along the way, the narrow and winding road also passes wetlands and waterways with countless trails and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where you can stop if you want to ski or explore the beautiful nature.

Lake Taggart

Nestled amidst lush forests and towering mountains, Taggart Lake is one of the most popular and picture-perfect places to visit in the park. Fairly easy to hike, its reflective waters lie at the base of the massive and majestic Teton Mountains, not far from Bradley Lake and Avalanche Canyon.

In total, the round trip to the lake is 3 miles long, and the trail takes you through pristine forests and flower-filled meadows and along bubbling streams. Once you arrive you are greeted with some of the most breathtaking views imaginable as the prominent peaks rise so spectacularly around the lake.

Grand Teton National Park

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and views, visitors can sit and enjoy a picnic along its shores and take photos of the lake, which has been carved into the rock over millennia by slowly moving glaciers.

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Signal Mountain Summit Road

Due to its secluded location, Signal Mountain boasts some of the best views in the park with Jackson Hole, Jackson Lake and the towering Teton Range visible in the distance. To reach its lofty summit, visitors can drive along a narrow, winding road that twists and turns to the top of its jutting peak.

Stretching 4.3 miles in length, the route is quite steep in parts and passes through beautiful forests and meadows with charming scenery and nature to enjoy along the way. As it gains over 800 feet in elevation, after just fifteen minutes of driving you will find yourself high above the valley below.

Grand Teton National Park

From its remote summit, which reaches an elevation of 2,350 meters, you can bask in phenomenal views of the mountains and valleys, forests and lakes of Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson Lake

One of the main features of the park is the huge Jackson Lake, which offers all kinds of excellent outdoor activities and wildlife viewing opportunities. Surrounded by towering mountains, it is a treat to visit with marinas, lodges and campsites lining its picturesque shores.

The huge natural lake, carved out of rock by glaciers, was greatly enlarged by the construction of the Jackson Lake Dam in 1911. Today, its reflective and welcoming waters stretch 15 miles in length and reach 7 miles at their widest point.

In addition to fishing, swimming and boating, visitors can take great scenic cruises around the lake or keep an eye out for wildlife such as elk, bison and bears along its pristine western shore. In addition, there is plenty of incredible hiking, mountain biking, and camping to be experienced in the forests and mountains that surround Jackson Lake.

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